Advisory Services

Practiced guidance for non-transactional strategic imperatives

We offer board level guidance and perspective to enable thoughtful and confident decision making and appropriately navigate conflicts

We have a long history of success in helping fiduciaries navigate complicated matters outside the transactional arena. Our ability to add value through advisory services is a function of our extensive market experience and the ability to leverage that knowledge to acutely tailor our corporate finance services for unique non-transactional matters. We bring experience and perspective so you can feel confident in making important decisions for your business in challenging or complex situations.

Expert Testimony

If your company is involved in civil litigation, you will require an expert to clearly and precisely explain complicated issues like lost profits, business valuation, business acquisitions, securities transactions and other detailed corporate finance issues to the court. Our managing directors have the experience, procedural knowledge, and the practiced communication skills to serve as experts on your behalf.

Opinion Services

Frequently, corporate boards require advisors to assist them in the evaluation of significant transactions or strategic decisions, including advice on acquisitions and divestitures, the valuation of shares and options, terms included in related party transactions, or an opinion about their company’s prospects and strategic alternatives. In all cases, our managing directors have the depth of experience to provide thorough and independent opinions to boards and directors when making these major decisions. We bring our financial experience and contemporary market knowledge to bear to help ensure the transaction or the decision is fair, supportable, and presented in the appropriate market context.

Strategy Advisory

If you’re thinking about making a change, our senior professionals can provide an independent and experienced look at your business and its prospects. Our clients benefit from our long history of working with hundreds of business owners. We can work with you to develop an objective view of industry conditions and your company’s position.

Along with your management, we develop a detailed strategy to support your efforts to sell your business or raise capital.

Companies have come to us seeking advice on acquisitions and divestitures, the valuation of shares and options, or terms included in related party transactions. Sometimes boards or owners approach us for our opinions about their company’s prospects and strategic alternatives.

Succession Planning

Preserving family ownership, preparing the business to grow, and properly allocating risk and reward can be a challenge. Regardless of your personal objectives, your family’s involvement in the business, the health of your company, or industry conditions, it’s never too early to consider and plan for management and ownership succession. Like any other plan, it requires a thoughtful process and good communications, a couple of things we know something about. We’ve helped families plan for and implement effective succession plans, either in anticipation or as part of a liquidity event.

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