The Team

Over the course of 30 years and more than 750 transactions, we have perfected our ability to adapt the key elements of  our transaction process to each client in a way that results in the best offer from the best partner or buyer available in the market.

Our process starts with the need to fully understand not only what you hope to achieve with your business or in a transaction, but why that is your goal. From this vantage point, we then work closely with you to evaluate your business and share with you our opinion of the valuation, structure, timing and lifestyle implications of each available market alternative. We then develop and execute a transaction process designed to optimize the outcome and achieve your objectives.

Meet Our Managing Directors And Your Trusted Advisors

With a combined 225+ years of investment banking and corporate finance experience between them, our managing directors offer a rare depth and breadth of expertise. They lead our transaction teams throughout the entire process, from pitch to close.

Gulfstar Vice Presidents, Associates And Analysts Dig In And Stay With You.

We assemble a team of professionals with a variety of experience who work hard to get to know you and your business. These relationships matter, ensuring that everything we do helps you achieve your goals quickly and successfully.

Behind The Scenes, A Very Talented Support Team.

Handling tasks from strategic marketing to administrative services, these vital individuals keep the wheels in motion with skill and grace.