Posted October 11, 2020

Webinar: Private Equity Breakfast Speaker Series with Gryphon Investors

Recorded Webinar

Virtual Series Co-Sponsored by GulfStar, Cadence Bank, Lockton Companies, and Weaver


The Private Equity Breakfast Speaker Series is a premier middle market virtual series where senior members of leading private equity firms are invited to present their perspectives on the private equity arena. This webinar is geared towards senior-level equity investors, investment bankers, lenders, attorneys and other financial services professionals.

Featured Speaker

Gryphon Investors presented at the virtual Private Equity Breakfast Speaker Series on Tuesday, November 10, 2020. The webinar included an overview by Bob Grady, partner at Gryphon, and offered insights into how private equity should amend its practices to support portfolio companies and make new investments in a pandemic. Colt Luedde (managing director at GulfStar) and Jeff Henningsen (CEO of Lockton Texas P&C business) moderated the fireside chat, which covered raising capital during a lockdown, private equity’s role in the economy and post-election impacts.

About Gryphon Investors

Based in San Francisco, Gryphon Investors is a leading private equity firm focused on profitably growing and competitively enhancing middle-market companies in partnership with experienced management. As of December 31, 2022, the firm has $8.9 billion of assets under management. Gryphon prioritizes investment opportunities where it can form strong partnerships with owners and executives to build leading companies, utilizing Gryphon’s capital, specialized professional resources, and operational expertise.

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