Posted February 8, 2022

Webinar: Private Equity Breakfast Speaker Series with The Artemis Fund

Recorded Webinar

Virtual Series Co-Sponsored by GulfStar, Cadence Bank, Lockton Companies, and Weaver


The Private Equity Breakfast Speaker Series is a premier middle market virtual series where senior members of leading private equity firms are invited to present their perspectives on the private equity arena. This webinar is geared towards senior-level equity investors, investment bankers, lenders, attorneys and other financial services professionals.

Featured Speaker

The Artemis Fund presented at the virtual Private Equity Breakfast Speaker Series on February 8, 2022. The webinar included an overview by Leslie Goldman (general partner/co-founder) and insights into the female-focused venture fund as well as the importance of investor diversity, supporting female founders, and opportunities to invest with them.

About The Artemis Fund

The Artemis Fund is the first female-founded, female-focused venture fund in Houston, Texas. The Artemis Fund II will be investing $50M in 15-20 female-led US-based companies that democratize access to wealth through fintech, e-commerce, and care-tech. The Artemis Fund is led by Stephanie Campbell (Managing Director of The Houston Angel Network), Leslie Goldman (25 years’ experience in corporate law), and Diana Murakhovskaya (Co-founder of Monarq Incubator). Their superior advantage is their ability to source the best female founders in the US and partner with them to grow. Learn more.

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