Consumer Products & Services

Our senior-level professionals have expertise at every stage along the consumer lifecycle—from the manufacturing floor through the supply and distribution chains to the retail endpoint. We also understand the key drivers, trends and psychologies that impact business, inside and outside of market cycles. Putting it all together, we can help you develop the right strategy, identify the ideal partner and maximize the value of your company.

Sub-industries include

  • Apparel & Fashion Accessories
  • Branded Food & Beverage Manufacturing
  • Broadline & Specialty Distribution
  • Consumer Services
  • Contract & Private Label Manufacturing
  • Cosmetics, Beauty & Personal Care
  • Furniture & Home Decor
  • Infant & Juvenile Products
  • Ingredients, Flavors & Fragrance
  • Kitchenware & Home Goods
  • Leisure & Entertainment
  • Nutritional Supplements & Wellness Products
  • Outdoor, Sports & Lifestyle
  • Pet Products & Services
  • Restaurants & Retail
Has Acquired

John Wm. Macy's

Champions Hydro-Lawn
Has Been Acquired By

Westco Grounds Maintenance

Has Been Acquired By

J.A.M. Enterprises

Has Been Acquired By


Fiesta Canning
Has Been Acquired By

Taglich Private Equity

Wireless World
Has Been Acquired By

Verge Mobile

Web Deals Direct
Has Been Acquired By


Easy Way Leisure Corporation
has completed a majority recapitalization with

Insight Equity Holdings LLC

Bright International Corporation
has acquired

Bocchi Laboratories

Web Deals Direct LLC
has acquired

SCH├ľN and ABFLEX Business Lines From EZ Innovations

Flat River Group
Has Completed a Majority Recapitalization With

Guardian Capital Partners

National Christmas Products, Inc.
has been acquired by

Sun Capital Partners, Inc.

Amtel, LLC
Acquisition Financing Provided By

Amegy Bank, Woodforest National Bank and Bank of Texas

Bright International Corporation
Has Been Acquired By

Aterian Investment Partners

Louisiana Fish Fry
Has Been Acquired By

Peak Rock Capital

BWW Houston Partners, Ltd.
Have Sold Their Five Restaurants to

United Restaurant Holdings, LLC

Elite One Source Nutritional Services, Inc.
Has Been Acquired By

DCC Health & Beauty Solutions Ltd.

BL Development Group, LLC
Has Sold Its Restaurant Operating Assets to

Bar Louie Restaurant Operations, LLC

Faribault Foods, Inc.
has sold its beverage division to

Harvest Hill Beverage Company

MeriCal, Inc.
has been acquired by

Linden Capital Partners

has been recapitalized by

its Founding Management Team and Prairie Capital