Energy, Power & Infrastructure

Energy markets move fast. So do we. Fortunately, we understand the interdependent complexities of operations and infrastructure across the entire spectrum, upstream to downstream, exploration to generation, source to end-user. GulfStar combines that extensive knowledge with key relationships and perfect timing. We’ll strategically guide you to the sweet spot between supply and demand to help you achieve your business goals.

Sub-industries include

  • Chemicals & Chemical Blending
  • Energy Consulting
  • Energy Engineering
  • Energy Trading & Transportation
  • Exploration & Production
  • Fuel Distribution
  • Midstream Construction
  • Midstream Services
  • Oilfield Construction & Fabrication
  • Oilfield Products Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Oilfield Services
  • Power Generation Services
  • Refinery & Industrial Services
EOTT Energy Partners, L.P.
has entered into a recapitalization agreement with

Enron, Koch Petroleum, and EOTT Energy

​EOTT Energy Partners, L.P.
has acquired certain hydrocarbon processing and storage assets from


RIMCO Production Company Inc.
has issued common stock


Universal Seismic Associates, Inc.
has received

Financial Advisory

Northern Border Partners, L.P.
has acquired the membership interests of

ECT Wind River, ECT Powder River, Enron Midstream Services

Operational Services, Inc.
has been acquired by

Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Hitox Corporation
has received

Financial Advisory

Universal Compression Inc.
has been acquired by


EOTT Energy
has secured a credit facility


Daniel Industries, Inc.
has received

Financial Advisory

Total Safety, Inc.
has completed an acquisition and working capital financing


Total Safety, Inc.
has acquired

Hazco Services, Inc.

CompuSeis, Inc.
has merged with

Input/Output, Inc.

Total Safety, Inc.
has acquired

Airgas Safety Services

Total Safety, Inc.
has acquired

Allservice Environmental, Inc.

has been acquired by

NES Acquisition Corp.

Herlin Industries, Inc.
has acquired

Catalyst Energy Services, Inc.

Herlin Industries, Inc.
has secured a senior debt facility


Total Safety, Inc.
has acquired

Sabre Specialized Protection Services, Ltd.

CogniSeis Development, Inc.
has merged with

Tech-Sym Corporation

Tri-Union Development Corp.
has completed a private placement