Energy, Power & Infrastructure

Energy markets move fast. So do we. Fortunately, we understand the interdependent complexities of operations and infrastructure across the entire spectrum, upstream to downstream, exploration to generation, source to end-user. GulfStar combines that extensive knowledge with key relationships and perfect timing. We’ll strategically guide you to the sweet spot between supply and demand to help you achieve your business goals.

Sub-industries include

  • Chemicals & Chemical Blending
  • Downstream Industrial Services
  • Energy Consulting
  • Energy Engineering
  • Energy Trading & Transportation
  • Exploration & Production
  • Fuel Distribution
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Midstream Construction
  • Midstream Services
  • Oilfield Construction & Fabrication
  • Oilfield Products Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Oilfield Services
  • Power Generation Services
Miller Integrated Solutions
Has Been Acquired By

KLH Capital

Matrix Service Company
Has Sold Its Industrial Cleaning Division to


Thorpe Specialty Services
Has Completed a Majority Recapitalization With

KLH Capital

Emission Monitoring Service, Inc.
Has Been Acquired By

Alliance Technical Group

TriStar Global Energy Solutions, Inc.
has divested TriStar PetroServ and Global Vapor Control to


Tanknology Inc.
Has Been Recapitalized By

Hamilton Robinson Capital Partners

GDS Holding, Inc.
Has Been Acquired By

Moran Environmental Recovery, LLC

Perennial Environmental Services, LLC
Has Been Acquired By

Applied-Cleveland Holdings, Inc.

GeoFields, Inc.
Has Been Acquired By


Flare Industries
Has completed a majority recapitalization with

Turnbridge Capital

Entessa, Inc.
has completed a merger and recapitalization with

Inverness Graham Investments

T.D. Williamson, Inc.
has acquired

Plugging Specialists International, ASA