The Vallone Restaurant Group

Houston native Tony Vallone started in the restaurant industry as a saucier, working his way through kitchens around Houston before finally opening his own restaurant, Tony's, in 1965 in the location that currently houses the Macy's on Sage Road. In 1972 he moved his small Italian restaurant to a larger spot on Post Oak, and during the reconfiguration of the space, the food switched from hearty Italian to fine dining. Vallone's second restaurant was Anthony's, which he opened in Montrose in 1982. Shortly after that came Grotto, which opened in Highland Village in 1987, and La Griglia, which opened in 1989. In the mid-'90s, he opened a steakhouse called Vallone's, which was later taken over by Anthony's. Tex-Mex concept Los Tonyos was open for about a year before it was sold to the Serrano's Cafe Group. And then, in 2004, Landry's bought La Griglia, Grotto and Vallone's. Tony's, along with Tony's Catering, currently reside at 3755 Richmond Avenue in Greenway Plaza.